Job matching through digital story résumé (DSR).

Job matching via digital stories empowers all job applicants to enter the employment market and for recruiters to gather a concise insight into the job seeker.

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What is a digital story resume (DSR)?

A résumé is a work story. Digital stories have changed the way in which we tell our stories. A Digital Story Résumé (DSR) is a short video résumé that comprises work experience images and sounds.

Benefits of the DSR for job seekers.

Having the opportunity to choose from a variety of images and sounds to communicate allows the job seeker to showcase their work skills and talents in their own way.

Limitations of words

Words alone are limiting. Words are not the chosen mode by which many people want to communicate their work experience and skills: People need choices.

Richness of media

Images and sounds are not limiting. Images and coloured text or voice and workplace sounds allow people a choice in how they want to communicate their skills and experience.

Supporting evidence

Moving through the Digital Story Résumé process and to be able to collect work evidence using photographs, video or voice allows the job seeker to not only better represent their skills and knowledge it also allows them to communicate clearly at the job interview.

Time to say bye-bye to SEEK!

Quit forking over a fortune without knowing if your skills needed align. Also let’s not forget about job seekers left in the dark about what skills are actually needed for them to shine.

At Own Words, we’re all about finding that perfect match.

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Job Matching

In today’s digital age, the job market has become more competitive. With the advent of new technologies, employers are constantly seeking ways to streamline their hiring process and find the best candidates for their vacancies. This is where the Digital Story Résumé comes in – a leading cutting-edge technology platform that revolutionizes the job matching process.

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Accessing position résumé templates, called My DSR, allows job seekers to use their own work photos, video and their voice to make a digital résumé to then send to an employer via a link.

Job Seekers

Job seekers who struggle with reading and writing are challenged when it comes to reading a job advertisement and then be able to respond to write a résumé.

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A photo is a visual recording taken by someone using a camera. It enables those people who struggle with writing to become engaged through their own visual memories.

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Writing and photo

When constructing a digital story résumé, by placing a photo in the editing screen it provides an opportunity for the job seeker to reflect and respond to the situation by adding a small amount of text to it.

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Music is essential when communicating an important message. It can validate a point in the job seekers important story information, shaping the culture of the story, it allows sign posting and reflects feelings.

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Words all have their own meaning, but it is the treatment we give them through technology that can emphasise their meaning.

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Creating an oral recording supports the job seekers desire to offer an insightful story. It provides an audio perspective of who they are.

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The Audio-Visual

Video is an audio-visual medium. Working with visual motion, with spatial awareness and sound, enables the job seeker to capture specialised thick visual and audio information for the particular purpose of capturing work skills.

Employment Service Providers (Providers)

Enabling job seekers to utilise the DSR (Digital Support Resources) through Employment Service Providers (Providers) is a strategy that sets them up for success rather than failure. This approach promotes equity for job seekers, regardless of their writing proficiency, by allowing them to use images, videos, and their voice. As a result, Providers who integrate DSR access as part of their personalized support and intensive case management


Through the utilisation of the DSR as a straightforward advertising tool, employers can effectively populate the required skills and competencies for a given position. This method ensures that job seekers can accurately match their skills, leaving no margin for misrepresentation in their resumes.

How to create a Digital Story Résumé DSR.

The Digital Story Résumé (DSR) is an innovative way to present yourself to employers, showcasing skills and personality with visuals and audio for a lasting impression. It goes beyond traditional résumés and offers a more engaging and immersive experience. Creating a DSR is straightforward and very user-friendly.


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