Digital Story Resumes can provide employers with a powerful tool to assess candidates more comprehensively and efficiently, while also promoting an employer commitment to diversity and inclusion in the hiring process.

Key Benefits

Employers can enjoy a range of benefits by improving their candidate fit assessment process. By doing so, they can increase recruitment efficiency, resulting in better hires. Additionally, a more refined assessment process can help increase diversity and inclusion by reducing unconscious biases and promoting equal opportunities.

Better assessment of candidate fit

Digital Story Resumes allow employers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s skills, experience, and personality, beyond what can be conveyed through traditional resumes. This can help to assess whether a candidate is a good fit for the company culture, team dynamics, and job requirements.

Improved recruitment efficiency

Digital Story Resumes can help to streamline the recruitment process by allowing employers to quickly assess the suitability of candidates based on their digital resumes. This can save time and resources by reducing the need for lengthy interviews or multiple rounds of screening.

Increased diversity and inclusion

Digital Story Resumes can help to increase diversity and inclusion in the hiring process by reducing the potential for unconscious bias based on factors such as name, gender, or educational background. This can help to ensure that all candidates are evaluated fairly based on their skills and experience.

A new era in applying for a job

A new era has dawned for job applicants. By enhancing their candidate fit assessment process, employers can reap several advantages such as improved recruitment efficiency leading to better hiring outcomes. Moreover, a more sophisticated assessment system can foster diversity and inclusivity by curbing unconscious biases and advancing equal opportunities.

Guides the employer

Employers can gain a comprehensive understanding of a job seeker’s DSR by viewing its different frames. This feature enables employers to select specific frames and gather more information about the candidate’s skills and experiences. By having access to the job seeker’s entire digital story resume, employers can make better-informed hiring decisions and identify the most suitable candidates for the job.

Stunning design, seamless user experience

Experience the visually appealing design and user-friendly interface of Own Words, offering a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Using modalities to gain insightful information

Each modality offers the employer different meaning. Images, in the form of both words and photos, can play an important role in work experience representation. For example, historical café photos fused into a résumé can offer an insight into work experience. A photo taken in the café’s kitchen can show a job seeker demonstrating safe work practices as they wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as hairnets and gloves. Sounds and movement each similarly offer their own important work experience information.

Receiving job applications and update the status of each application from any device

The DSR is a valuable tool for employers seeking to streamline their hiring process. By accepting digital job applications, employers can quickly access a job seeker’s DSR and make informed decisions, reducing costs and time spent on recruitment. The DSR is particularly beneficial for urgent staffing needs, allowing employers to rapidly receive applications and determine candidate suitability. It also allows the simple update of the status of each application, so you and the candidate know where they are in the recruitment process. Utilising the DSR leads to efficient and informed hiring decisions, resulting in a win-win for both employers and job seekers.

Handle all job applications through Own Words

No matter the job you aim to fill, the DSR platform is designed to match your requirements with job and skill competencies, making it easier for you to find the right candidate. Simply enter your details and provide a brief description about the company. Don’t forget to include your logo or even a video to attract more candidates. Then, select the required skills from the drop-down menu, which will populate all the necessary skills for the job seeker to fulfill the role. Post your job and you’re good to go!

Brand Portal to vide job applications

A Brand Portal is a platform that allows employers to manage and streamline their job application process while maintaining their brand identity. It provides a centralised location for all job openings, allowing candidates to easily find and apply for job vacancies.

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