The use of digital story résumés can help employment services providers (Provider) to better connect job seekers with potential employers and increase the job seekers chances of finding suitable employment opportunities.

Key Benefits

With various communication tools and platforms, people can communicate in real-time and collaborate easily, improving productivity and efficiency. Increased accessibility is another advantage. Technology has made it easier for people with disabilities to access information and services, making life more convenient and inclusive for everyone. Unique branding is also essential, and technology has provided businesses with tools to differentiate themselves from their competitors, creating a unique and recognisable brand identity.

Improved Communication

Digital Story Résumés can communicate a job seeker’s personal and professional qualities in a more effective and efficient manner than a traditional paper resume. This can help employment services providers better understand the job seeker’s background and assist them in finding suitable employment opportunities.

Increased Accessibility

Digital story résumés can be easily shared and viewed online, making them accessible to a wider audience of potential employers. This can help employment services providers connect job seekers with more job opportunities, regardless of location.

Unique Branding

Employment service providers can set themselves apart from competitors by utilising digital story resumes to showcase their support for job seekers who need a different way to communicate with potential employers. This innovative approach not only helps providers highlight their unique brand, but also demonstrates their commitment to providing personalised and innovative employment services.

A new era in applying for a job

Employment service providers must keep pace with the changing job application process. The emergence of a new era in job applications calls for providers to adapt and remain competitive. With technology, job seekers have more options to present themselves to employers, such as through Digital Story Resumes (DSR).

Providers need to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies, and guide job seekers on how to showcase their skills and experience. By offering innovative services like DSR, providers can help job seekers thrive in a dynamic job market. Those who embrace this new era will attract more clients, stand out from competitors, and thrive in the employment services industry.

Guide the provider to support the job seeker.

Providers can support job seekers by showcasing the ease of the DSR process during their initial visit when registering with the provider. This enables them to present DSR as a viable option for job applications. By demonstrating how simple it is to create a digital story resume, providers can help job seekers understand the benefits of this innovative approach to job applications.

This support can help job seekers differentiate themselves from other applicants, showcase their skills and experience, and increase their chances of landing a job. By guiding job seekers towards using DSR, providers can offer valuable support in navigating the changing job market.

Stunning design, seamless user experience

Experience the visually appealing design and user-friendly interface of Own Words, offering a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Access to media to express their job seekers.

Blended learning programs that incorporate vocational education with work experience have a positive impact on employment outcomes. This is because participants develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the connection between their skills and job opportunities. Such programs are effective in bridging the gap between education and practical application, leading to better employment prospects for participants. By offering a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, blended learning programs can equip individuals with the skills and mindset needed to succeed in the workforce.

View what stage they are at in make a DSR from any device.

Being able to view the progress of job seekers in creating a DSR from any device enables efficient monitoring and support. This feature allows providers to track the status of job seekers’ digital story resumes, offer guidance, and ensure they are on track to succeed in the job market.

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